For my students:


Perhaps it may never stop looking difficult, but whenever necessary you must start over. From scratch, from before, from never or from now.


Para mis estudiantes:


Quizá nunca dejará de parecer duro, pero siempre que sea necesario se debe volver a empezar. Desde cero, desde antes, desde nunca o desde ahorita.



Your advisor, Lizeth Torres

The Team 2016

My former Students are:

Ian Llunas Correa Escudero


M.S. Thesis: 'Fractal model for a water pipeline' (English Translation). University: CENIDET, Mexico.


Javier Jiménez Cabas

Ph.D Thesis: 'Liquid Transport Pipeline Monitoring Architecture Based on State Estimators for Leak Detection and Location', University: Universidad del Norte, Colombia.

Thesis Document.  


José Roberto Bermúdez Hernández

M.S Thesis: 'Detection and localization of leaks by using an extended Kalman filter' (English Translation), University: Instituto Tecnológico de Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico.


Diana Arleth Muñoz Menéndez

Bachelor Thesis: 'Characterization of abnormal events in a duct by using the measurements of a monitoring patch' (English Translation), University: Instituto Tecnológico de Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico.


Mario Alberto Hernández Soriano

M.S. Thesis: 'Design of a Fractional-Order Luenberger observer' (English Translation), University: CENIDET, Mexico.


Flor Denisse Rentería 

M.S. Thesis: 'Characterization of the Transfer Matrix of a Pipeline with Multiple Leaks' (English Translation), University: UNAM, Mexico.


Marcos Alfredo López Castro 

M.S. Thesis: 'Fault Diagnosis for Nonlinear Systems with Hybrid Dynamics by Using a High Gain Observer' (English Translation), University: CENIDET, Mexico.


José Ángel Muñoz Vega 

M.S. Thesis: 'Locating Multiple Leaks via the Pressure Wave' (English Traslation), University: UNAM, Mexico.

My current Students are: